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Swallow by Teen Suicide

Fucked up in my head. Lay down in my bed touching your shirt you know I want you bad. Watching you take off your pants, you make me feel bad about myself. I’m wasting my time. I can’t be helped. Swallow my cum. I will make new friends. Taking off my clothes, sober and aching I’m cold”


Festival season is here and Lunar Nymphs Boutique is doing a giveaway!

I will be giving away one of my beautiful bras listed on my etsy:


Winner will get to choose whichever bra they like and I will create it in their size ❀ Each of my bras comes with straps, can be made as a push up, double push (may vary), or no push up at all. 


1. Size 32A - 36DD is the most common sizes I can find. Size 32C is not sold at the places I get my bras from. If you do win and you are a size 32C, I can do a bra size equivalent or you can send me a bra to decorate. As for smaller or bigger sizes you will have to mail me a bra. Please keep this in mind if you do wish to enter the giveaway. 

2. In order to enter you must live in the United States, 18+

3. Reblog this post to be entered. Reblog ONCE a day. Please do not spam your followers. Likes do not count. Also, do not use giveaway or sideblogs, be fair! 

4. You do not have to be following me.

5. I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner, so it will be completely fair. (http://www.random.org/)

6. If you do not follow the rules/guidelines and happen to be chosen I will have to disqualify you and pick another winner using the generator. 

Giveaway ends Monday April 28th 12:00 AM (PDT)


On January 27, 1971, David Bowie arrived in America for the first time…wearing this dress. He was detained by security for over an hour.

These photos were taken in LA in February. (My edits. Sorry I don’t have credits for the photos or scans. Lemme know and I’ll add ‘em.)

23,847 plays Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand


Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

I’m just a crosshair
I’m just a shot away from you
And if you leave here,
You leave me broken, shattered, I lie



What you get: Aint nothin’ but a bunch of trash.

2 Minor Threat “In my eyes” lyric patches


1 Dead Milkmen patch

1 Minor Threat Patch

1 Herman Munster patch

1 Subhumans Mickey Mouse is dead patch

3 Good night white pride patches (one cut off)

1 Goosebumps patch

1 Bart Simpson patch

1 Roger Klotz patch

1 Studs and spikes patch

1 Rasputin patch

1 Oblina patch

1 Generation X back patch

1 Black Flag police story back patch

4 pieces of fabric to possibly incorporate in your jacket. Or throw out.


1 Pack of sewing floss

1 Pack of sewing needles

10 tree spikes

1 Studs and spikes pin

2 packs of Weird-ohs trading cards

5 packs of Toxic Crusaders sticker

1 new bottle of got2b glued spiking glue

1 90 minute cassette mystery mix tape~ 


  • You don’t have to be following ME for the regular stuff, but must be to win the bonus items!
  • You can reblog up to 5 times a day. Don’t spam and make your followers hate you! 
  • Likes do not count 
  • No giveaway blogs 
  • You should actually like the shit and not just try and get free garbage. I mean, its literally trash anyway.
  • The giveaway will end on June 14th 2014 at 11:00pm and I will announce the winner next day (June 15th)
  • Your ask must be open 
  • I will ship anywhere in the world 

Please check out my shop in the mean time. Don’t be afraid to buy things ;3


Good luck and reblog away 


"Okay, should we get some coffee?"


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