1,135 plays Knife Grizzly Bear Yellow House



Grizzly Bear

1,930 plays The Part About The Vine That's Growing Through The Window And Reaching Towards My Bed Carissa's Wierd You Should Be At Home Here


"I hope one night while I’m asleep 
That vine will wrap all around me
To come and take me away”

13,777 plays End of the Summer Joyce Manor Never Hungover Again


It’s too sad
Blue marker on a paper bag,
You could wear it like a mask
You could be your own dad
Like you’re supposed to
I could show you
At the end of the summer

57,715 plays Thinkin Bout You Frank Ocean channel ORANGE (Explicit Version)

Frank Ocean | Thinkin Bout You

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16,881 plays Silver Soul Beach House

It’s incomplete without you

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Avi Buffalo on Beavis and Butt-head

718 plays The Clock Ty Segall Manipulator


ty segall / the clock

13,619 plays No Offense Slutever Sorry I'm Not Sorry

your life’s a fucking mess and i’m overtired of calling you my friend

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19,407 plays The Winner Takes It All The Vaccines Please, Please Do Not Disturb EP


the vaccines - the winner takes it all

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1,083 plays Overwhelmed Tim McMorris Overwhelmed - Single


You make me laugh and show me how, just how good this life can be

Overwhelmed - Tim McMorris

6,575 plays Ruby Soho Rancid ...And Out Come The Wolves


"Ruby Soho" by Rancid

Destination unknown, Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby soho…”

11,235 plays Silly Girl Descendents I Don't Want to Grow Up


I had to run to catch you, you always move so fast.

With your cute little smile and silly laugh, God gave me love at last.

65 plays Glazin' Jacuzzi Boys Glazin'


glazin’ || jacuzzi boys

sugar in my hair
melting everywhere in the sunshine
watch the sun go down
while my face starts to crystallize