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Girls - Hellohole Retrace 

I’ve got a sad song in my sweet heart
And all I really ever need is some love and attention


Lauren Rowell - Valentine


Cloud Nothings

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"i’m falling in love" — julia brown

if i was a different kind of guy 
i’d write you a song with a hook that’s like
"oh my god i’m falling in love"

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Soft Shock | Yeah Yeah Yeahs



What Happens to Your Body after You Die? [animation]

  • from Scientific American

Whatever your beliefs, most people would agree that the body left behind when we depart this mortal coil is just a heap of bones and flesh. But what happens to those leftovers? Assuming that nature is left to its own devices, our bodies undergo a fairly standard process of decomposition that can take anywhere from two weeks to two years.”

Written & narrated by Mark Fischetti
Assistant editor: Kathryn Free
Produced, edited & animated by Eric R. Olson

(Source: Scientific American)

I can’t wait to be a tree. Well, actually I CAN wait, but it’s gonna be cool when it happens.